To enrol in the Codaisseur Full Stack Web Development Academy, you need to pass our admission process. Here are the steps you need to take before you start the Academy. Feel free to shoot us a message if anything is unclear.

  • Step 1: apply / register

  • Step 2: select your course and preferred payment model

  • Step 3: submit your Motivation as part of the registration

  • Step 4: schedule your preferred start date of Admissions Training Camp (ATC)

  • Step 5: Sign training contract

  • Step 6: pay your admission fee

  • Step 7: obligatory Introduction to Javascript prep-work

  • Step 8: Preparation for class

  • Step 9: join the first week of Academy, also called the Admissions Training Camp (ATC)

  • Step 10: after the ACT, we will look together if No Cure - No Pay model is suitable for you. Other payment plans are also available.

  • Step 11: continue with the rest of the Academy program.

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