Onboarding Session and Kick-Off

Your journey at our Full-Stack Web Development Academy starts with the Onboarding Session. You'll receive an email to sign up and select a date for a session. The online installation session will be hosted in Zoom to prepare you for the material and tools you'll be learning during the Academy. You'll also have the opportunity to meet our teachers and your classmates before the Academy begins. Our teachers will introduce you to the prep-work.

Prep-Work - Independent Learning Time

Before your first class, you'll need to complete the prep-work in basic Javascript, CSS and HTML. You'll receive the prep-work and access to the online 'Reader'. Please note that you must complete and submit your prep-work assignments in Slack before the start of the Admissions Training Camp.

Why Prep-Work?

Because the training is intensive, it's important to complete the prep-work to build the foundation for the 10-week long intensive training. This will prepare you for a smooth transition into web development. The minimum required time to complete the prep- work is one week but some students may wish to spend more time on it.

Admissions Training Camp - Week 1

Let the classes begin! Your first week of the Academy is the Admissions Training Camp. This week will determine whether you are admitted to the No Cure - No Pay program. As this program requires stricter requirements, you'll be evaluated on your

soft and technical skills. By completing the prep work and following the classes of the first week, you will be ready to successfully complete the Admissions Training Camp and the rest of the Academy. You can do this!

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