1. Fill in the Codaisseur pre-registration form to indicate what course you want to follow with us. You can find the Codaisseur pre-registration form here.

  2. Codaisseur will review your pre-registration form. If all is correct, we will send you your 'STAP- Proof of Registration' - 'Aanmeldingsbewijs pdf'. Your student number will be also mentioned in this document.

    You need a 'Proof of Registration' document and the 'Student number' to be able to request the STAP-budget on the UWV-STAP website.

  3. Log into the UWV-STAP website using your private DigiD to request the STAP-budget.

    We advise you to request your STAP-budget at the very moment the UWV application period applicable for your course start date opens (10:00 AM on f.e. on May 2nd, July 1st, September 1st or November 1st 2022).

    Kindly note that the timing of your STAP-budget request is important. The STAP-budget is notorious to run out of money per application period within a few hours of opening. UWV-STAP website might get very busy upon opening of the new application period. There may be a digital queue at the STAP portal. In this case, do not close your window or browser but wait patiently.

    See also: When Shall I apply For STAP-budget?

  4. Complete your STAP-budget digital application on the UWV-STAP website by uploading your 'Proof of Registration' - 'Aanmeldingsbewijs' Pdf that you have received from Codaisseur.

  5. You should receive confirmation about the result within a few days (maximum 4 weeks) from UWV directly.

    Codaisseur has no possibility to speed up this process and cannot advise UWV on your STAP-budget application.

  6. When your STAP-budget has been confirmed and granted, we will ask you to proceed with an official application for the course via our website.

  7. UWV will reimburse Codaisseur directly. You do not have to process any STAP-budget payments.

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