Our mission is to bridge the talent gap in the tech industry. Here at Codaisseur, we strongly believe that people from all backgrounds should have access to education.

To extend this mission also to students with past disadvantages and/or from marginalised groups, see below for the possible financing options you might want to make use of:

  1. Ask your current employer to reimburse your study costs.

If you are employed, you can ask your employer to pay for the training. Often, there are agreements made about this in the collective labour agreement. Employers who provide training to their staff can receive reimbursements from diverse training funds. Agreements are being made in more and more collective labour agreements

about a personal development budget. With this personal development budget, you can continue gaining new knowledge and experience at Codaisseur that will prove beneficial to your employer.

2. Follow a course with financial assistance from UWV

Do you receive unemployment benefits via UWV? Then you can submit a request for covering (part) of your fees with your UWV case manager.

The UWV case manager then assesses whether you can follow this training while retaining your benefits, or, whether you will or will not be exempted from the obligation to apply for a job, and, whether the UWV will pay for the training for you. We will be happy to prepare an offer for UWV in your name to move to the next step in your course application.

3. Help with job loss: from unemployment to work with 'Regionale Mobiliteitsteams'

Have you lost your job or are you in danger of losing your job due to the coronavirus? Then you can claim targeted help from the so-called Social Package. With this Social Package, the Dutch cabinet is investing in services to people who have lost their jobs due to covid-19 or are at risk of losing work or income in the near future.

The customized service consists of a renewed approach through 35 Regional Mobility Teams and by strengthening the usual work-related services provided by UWV and municipalities.

A Regional Mobility Team offers guidance and advice in the search for work and it also provides financial assistance with re-training or additional training.

4. Consider making use of the new STAP-budget

STAP-budget stands for 'Stimulering Arbeidsmarkt Positie' and is active as of March 1st 2022. You can apply for the STAP-budget to finance a training activity (eg, a course). The budget is a maximum of €1.000,- per year (incl. VAT). If the course is more expensive than €1.000,-, you pay the remaining fees yourself. You also do not have to pay for any costs in advance (pre-financing).

5. Check your municipality website for possible study-reimbursements

Many municipalities in The Netherlands offer diverse financial support for education. These vary per region (and per 'gemeente'). Check out the website of your municipality or call them for more information.

6. If you are currently employed in the cultural or creative sector, consider reaching out to Werktuig PPO.

Werktuig PPO program runs until the end of 2024 and is set up for all workers and job seekers with a relationship to the cultural and creative sectors with an employment contract or the self-employed (ZZP). Do you temporarily have a job outside the cultural and creative sectors due to the (Corona) restrictive measures? You can still apply for this financing assistance. Werktuig PPO stimulates the professional development and career opportunities of workers and job seekers in the above-mentioned sectors. PPO encourages this by contributing with a maximum contribution of € 2000 per 12 months. If the course is more expensive than €2.000,-, you pay the remaining fees yourself or can ask your current employer to contribute.

7. Special #NOWAR scholarship program, offered by Codiasseur

From March 2022, Codaisseur commenced a special #NOWAR scholarship program. Initiated on International Women's Day, this program is a gesture of assistance to support people who are displaced by war and are facing challenges at this current time.

Codiasseur will waive the €999 admission fee for our Admissions Training Camp (ATC) to 25 individuals who were displaced by war. If you are eligible and you pass the ATC week, we will offer you a No Cure - No Pay contract with a Job Guarantee at the end of the 10-week training.

Kindly submit the application form below and our student advisor will reach out to you.

#NOWAR Scholarship Application Form

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