Admissions Training Camp (ATC) is the very 1st week of the Full-Stack Web Development Academy. You will learn the foundations of Javascript during this week, which is why we also refer to this week as the Javascript Bootcamp.

It is a full-time Monday to Friday program of 5 days (one week). The study day starts daily around 10:00 am and ends around 5:30 pm. Preparation work from your side beforehand is needed to successfully complete it and we share the preparation work with all students after they finish their application on our website.

Are you joining the ATC in order to follow our Full Stack Web Development Academy?

All students who wish to join the full Academy must successfully complete this ATC week.

If students wish to be eligible for the No Cure - No Pay payment plan, an interview will be set up with our admissions team at the end of this week to determine if their technical Javascript skills meet the No-Cure No-Pay requirements.

The ATC is a good indicator of how you’ll perform for the rest of the Academy. While we have previously based our admissions on the application interview, the ATC will really allow you to see if a future in coding is for you.

Attending the ATC week on-site is highly advised if you are applying under the No Cure - No Pay model.

To apply for the Admissions Training Camp, simply apply on our website and follow the admission process.

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