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Does (re)training offer a good chance of work?

If the training is important for the profession or function you want to practice, a training or (re)training is helpful. With the right training you increase your chance of getting a job.

How does the UWV help with training?

Do you want to follow a course, training or academy? Then you can ask the UWV to reimburse it. Conditions apply to this, do you meet all the conditions? Then the UWV will pay for all of your training costs (also for books, study-material).

What are the conditions to get a training reimbursed?

  1. The first and the most important one is that the training is necessary to find a particular kind of work. At the next question you will read more about this.

  2. The training is allowed to have a maximum of 1, 2 or 2,5 years. The maximum time depends on your personal situation.

  3. You need to be capable of following the training. We will explain this better during the article.

  4. You undertake to do everything you can to successfully complete the training.

After the application of a training, you will always have an individual assessment. A labor expert will look at your personal situation during this assessment.

When is training necessary?

Training is necessary if you apply to the following demands:

  • Your employer's plan is to offer you a job if you finish your training successfully with a certificate.

  • After following this training you can practice a profession that the UWV has classified as a kansberoep.

  • You can show that with a certificate you have a good chance of finding a job. Or working as an entrepreneur will provide your living.

Where does the UWV pay attention to at the assessment whether I am capable of following the training?

The labor expert assesses based on the following conditions:

  • You apply to the admission requirements of the institute where you want to follow the training.

  • You are physically and mentally able to finish the training with a good result. And you are also capable of following the function or profession for which the training is training you.

  • Your personal circumstances enable you to successfully complete the training.

What else do I need to keep in mind?

A lot of training goes to standard participants. If you for example get tired easily, you need more time than others. Discuss with your trainer what they can do for you and how they can help you. Also the UWV can keep a part in this, your contact person at the UWV can help you with this.

If the UWV thinks it is necessary for you to follow a training, you will get an exemption from your obligation to apply for a job and your obligation to accept work. You do need to undertake to do everything you can to successfully complete the training. Do you want to know more? Look at uwv.nl

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