The full-stack web development Academy is delivered in a hybrid format. That means that you have the option to reserve a physical seat on-site or you can choose to follow the course fully remote. Both formats cover the exact same material and the classroom atmosphere will be maintained for those attending remotely. For this course, we also offer our unique No Cure No Pay model. Have look below at the differences between each option

1) No cure no pay
Tuition fee: €11,520

Admission fee: €800

The course consists of 11 weeks of training. 10 weeks are focussed on programming and the 11th week is the career accelerator program geared to get you ready to start the job search. After the course, you will get job search support by the career advisors. You'll be assisted until you find your first job. Students who fail a formal assessment are released from the Academy and no tuition costs will be charged. The €800 admission fee that was paid up-front

as an administrative fee will not be refunded.

2) Paid upfront

Tuition fee: € 9959

Admission fee: N/A

For a discount, we also offer to pay the tuition fee upfront. This does not include the 'No cure no pay' policy. Completion of the course is guaranteed, meaning the student will not be released from the Academy when failing an assignment. This option includes the career accelerator program and job search assistance after the Academy.

3) Fully remote

Tuition fee: €6,500

Admission fee: N/A

For a steep discount, we offer the option to follow the Academy completely remote. No on-site seat will be reserved. This option includes 10 weeks of training, same personal teaching assistance and guarantee of completion. The career accelerator program and the job search support are not included in this option.

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