Here are the steps you need to take before you start your course. Feel free to shoot us a message if anything is unclear.

Step 1: Sign up

To apply for this course, visit our website and sign up. Select your start date and submit the form.

Step 2: Intake with Education Advisor

You will be contacted by the Education Advisor to schedule an intake to discuss the course in detail and all practicalities before starting. You will be asked to complete 2 short tests for your English proficiency and basic problem-solving skills.

Step 3: Choose your payment plan

Once you have decided to join the Cyber Security course, you will have to choose your preferred payment option. To secure your spot in the course, we ask you to compensate the deposit depending on your payment option.

Step 4: Start preparing for the course

Prior to the start of the course, you will receive the preparation material to set yourself up for succeeding with our course.

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