There are 3 possible outcomes of the admission process (Admissions Training Camp- ATC and the follow-up Interviews):

1. Congrats, you're Accepted! You can continue with the Academy program for the coming 9 weeks.

2. We're sorry, you are Rejected. This time. If you are rejected, you can re-apply after 3 months. In the email we send you to break the news, you'll find a lot of resources for further learning and preparing for your next try.

Still, a fee of €999 charged to cover the tuition of the Admissions Training Camp week will not be refunded.

3. You are invited for a 2nd interview: you're a really good candidate, but in order to be accepted, there's still a bit of work you need to do. During the 1st interview, we'll tell you exactly what you need to work on and then it's up to you to schedule a 2nd interview and show us the progress you've made.

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