Attending our course is a big decision and for a lot of our students, a career- and life-changing one. This is why we do not take this lightly and have thus over time implemented rules and regulations to make sure we treat everyone's time and effort investment with the respect it deserves.

At the same time, we consider our no-cure no-pay model a promise we can and should only make in good faith, when we have no doubt we can keep it.

This means that our standards are high and we are very selective.

We also have a very large number of candidates, on average 10 per spot in each class (every 3 weeks, a new group of 25 students start their 9-week journey).

The inevitable result of these 2 things is that we regularly have to make the very tough decision to reject candidates, sometimes a lot of them.

So here's our advice to you: make sure you're prepared when you sign up and schedule your admission interview. Do your homework. Have your questions for us ready. Check out as many FAQ articles as you can (you'll be surprised how many answers you can get this way:).

Read through our website.
Check our student reviews.

All in all, make sure we know why it should be you who gets the spot and not one of the other 9 candidates vying for it.

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