All students in the No Cure - No Pay payment model are advised to be present on-site for lessons as much as possible. Students who pay upfront, or join a 1-week Bootcamp can join us remotely.

The No Cure - No Pay model is only offered to students who successfully pass the first Academy week - also called the Admission Training Camp.

The No Cure - No Pay policy: After graduating from our No Cure - No Pay Academy, you'll have a 5-month job search period.
You will choose where you want - and don’t want - to work. If you are not hired within 5 months, or if you don't graduate, then we will waive the cost of your tuition fee. No Cure - No Pay!

Once you have found a job (within the search period), you or your employer (historically, 80% of the time) will start to pay your tuition fee.

Not graduated?
The Full Stack Web Development Academy is notoriously intense and not everybody who gets in graduates. The graduation rate is 75%. Not graduating is disappointing enough, so if that happens, no tuition fee is owed. No Cure No Pay!

Graduated but did not find a job within five months of graduation?
That's also very disappointing and it just might be that it's going to take you a bit longer before you land your first job. If that happens, you won't owe any tuition fee to Codaisseur. Yes, even if you find employment after those five months. No Cure No Pay!

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