There are certain conditions that must be met for our No Cure No Pay Model (NCNP);

  • EU Citizen residing in The Netherlands or non-EU Citizen with a working visa in the Netherlands

  • Bachelor's degree thinking level (at least ISCED level 6)

  • Work experience

  • High level of English 

  • Aged between 18 and 36 years old

  • Successfully pass the first week of the Academy (Admissions Training Camp week)

If you pass the Admission Training Camp, but do not meet all of the No Cure No Pay Payment model conditions, then we will discuss the possibility of offering you a place in our Academy with other pricing options.

Are you above 36 years old? No worries, we have accepted candidates above 36 to our NCNP payment model. You must have the right motivation and dedication to be considered for this payment model.

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