After graduation from the Academy, you are ready to work as a developer. To help you kickstart your new job/career in the best possible way, a five-month job search period applies, starting from the day you graduate. During this search period, we expect you to be present at Codaisseur at least eight (8) hours per week to work on your portfolio and job applications, as well as to meet with members of our employment team.

The current vacation-related obligations for graduates are:

  1. Any vacation taken during the search period shall not exceed one (1) week. 

  2. Any vacation taken during the search period extends the search period by the number of days the vacation lasted.

After you've found a job and signed a contract with your new employer, you are obviously free to schedule your vacation however you want (together with your employer).

Please note that the search period may be extended by a Summer break of three (3) weeks or a Christmas break of two (2) weeks. As this is generally a slow period application-wise, all job application duties are paused during these breaks and you are welcome to take this time off.

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