The need for web developers is extremely high. As such, the UWV considers web developer or cybersecurity specialist a "kansberoep" or "krapteberoep". Therefore, the UWV is often willing to sponsor training towards a career in web development or cybersecurity. 

Codaisseur is an official training partner of the UWV. This means that, subject to prior approval from your case manager, the UWV:

  1. may temporarily relieve you from your obligation to apply for jobs while you are in training with us; and

  2. may decide to contribute on your behalf to your Full Stack Web Development Academy, Cybersecurity course or Bootcamp training.

Do note that the decision to sponsor you is entirely at the discretion of the UWV. In any event, it is important to obtain prior approval from your case manager.

It is also important to note that you cannot commence your training while you are still under an obligation with the UWV to apply for jobs and take on any job for which you are accepted.

The best way forward is to present your case manager with an offer (offerte) from us and at the same time start the application process on our website.

Fill in this Typeform with basic information so we can proceed with making an offer for you and your UWV case manager.

You or your case manager may direct any inquiries directly to

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