At Codaisseur, our prime focus is teaching and supporting you in landing a new job.
As such, at this time, we do not offer support on obtaining visas, residence or work permits.

Do note that to qualify for our 'No Cure No Pay' model, you must have a visa or permit that allows you to work and live in The Netherlands prior to your start with your training - you will be asked to provide proof of this beforehand.

Visa or permit that allows you to work and live in The Netherlands is something you will need to arrange yourself, Codaisseur does not hold a legal status that would allow it to assist with the visa process in any capacity.

You will also need to arrange housing for yourself in or around Amsterdam for the duration of the training. We cannot provide housing, nor do we have the resources to help our students with their living situation, unfortunately.

Attendance to classes is mandatory (and something we take very seriously), so we ask you to take that into account and plan accordingly when choosing your preferred start date for the course.

Also, because our courses can be intense and fast-paced, we cannot allow vacations during the training. However, we do observe the Dutch public holidays (see what they are here).

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