Historically, we've seen that 80% of the time, the tuition fee is paid by our graduates' employers.

However, you can opt to pay your (remaining) tuition fee yourself at any time, for whatever reason. For example, if you want to start your own company. You can also get a tax deduction on any training costs you pay yourself.

Here's a more detailed overview of how the two payment options (paid by you or paid by your employer) work:

During the job search period after graduation, you will apply to the jobs of your choosing, pursue any industry and/or company, negotiate the terms of your employment and accept or reject job offers.

Once you've found your perfect fit, you will be directly employed by that respective company. That's also when the tuition fee payments will start.

Which option you go with is your decision or a joint decision together with your employer:

Option A. The employer pays your tuition fee to us:

This can be done all at once or in monthly installments. If paid in monthly equal installments, the tuition will be fully paid after 24 months if you attended our in-person course with a tuition fee of 11.520 euros (a monthly installment is 480 euros).

Each employer you have during these 24 months (in case you have more than one) will only pay for the months you are with the company.

Option B. You pay your tuition fee out of your own salary:

Just like in Option A, this can be done all at once or in the same installment scheme outlined above.

There is also a potential Option C, where both you and your employer contribute to your tuition fee payments (50%-50% or a different arrangement, the choice is again yours).

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