You don't need to have a degree in computer science (or another technical topic) or work experience in a technical role in order to join our Academy.

We believe that strong motivation, dedication, and grit are the biggest drivers for success and that by selecting ambitious students, the overall level of our Academy improves.

However, we do take the technical preparation work we ask you to do before the admission process and the start of the course very seriously and we expect you to do the same, otherwise, you will not be eligible to join (you'll receive specific info on this prep work once you apply).

Also, we do recommend and encourage you to spend some time studying on your own before you sign up for the course, as well as before you start. There are numerous (basic) JavaScript classes that you can take online for free and it's impossible you won't find one that fits you.

In general, we've seen that candidates who come in with an average of 60 hours of self-study perform best in the admission process and go on to be successful students and graduates.

Doing some online studying beforehand does not only set you up for success during our course but also serves as a very good check/test for yourself: do you enjoy coding? Are you ready and enthusiastic to do this at a very intense, highly immersive level for several weeks? And then as a job for years to come?

Important: You do need to be comfortable using a computer. If you are not quite comfortable using your operating system, keyboard shortcuts, typing, you will have a hard time during the course. We added some links below to get you started on using Ubuntu / MacOS and a free online typing course as well. Feel free to expand your knowledge beyond these resources by searching online for the useful info.

See for example:

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