After the 10-week Academy, the job search period starts, which can take up to 5 months.

During this period, you'll apply for positions in your field of study, which basically means jobs that involve working with code and using the skills you learned during our Academy.

Codaisseur has a large partner network you can make use of, but you're *not* limited to these companies. You're free to choose which companies you apply to. Together with our Career Advisors, you'll draft a strategy to help you land your dream job!

During the job search period, we expect you to, among other things:

  • attend mentoring sessions with a Codaisseur Career Advisor

  • attend hiring days organized by Codaisseur

  • follow the advice and recommendations of a Codaisseur Career Advisor

  • use and regularly update us on your progress via the job search tools we provide

  • grow your professional network on Linkedin

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