To prepare for your Admissions interview, we ask you to follow a free "Introduction to JavaScript" on Scrimba which is an external learning platform. That means, Scrimba is not part of Codaisseur, but a platform we resort to in order to prepare our applicants best possible with basic JavaScript skills. You should complete the course to fully prepare for the interview. 

Why do I have to do the online Introduction to JavaScript course?

The introduction to JavaScript course will teach you the very basics of JavaScript. We ask you to complete the course for two reasons: 

  • Intensity - you may not necessarily find the online course overly challenging, but there is a lot of content to cover. We recommend processing & practicing the content of the online course on your own. Completing everything should give you a general idea of what the Academy will cover, as well as get you familiar with understanding the logics of code. 

  • Motivation - the introduction should be used to gauge if this is something you really want to do. If you are really serious about pursuing a career in programming, then you shouldn't have a problem completing it, regardless of the effort you need to put in to finish it.

Please check our other FAQs regarding the Admissions process 

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