Admission fee

All Academy applicants under No Cure No Pay model have to successfully pass the Admissions Training Camp (ATC) first. ATC is the first week of the Academy. At the end of the ATC, we will assess your motivation, skills and technical performance. To take part in Admissions Training Camp, a €999 admission fee will be required during the registration process.

If you are released from the program after ATC week, your €999 fee covers the tuition fee for the first week and will not be refunded.

Tuition fee

If you join us under 'No Cure No Pay' model, you'll have a 5-month job search period at the end of the Academy program. You will choose where you want - and don’t want - to work. If you are not hired within 5 months, or if you don't graduate, then we will waive the cost of your tuition fee. No cure - No Pay!

Other payment possibilities are available for those who finished the Admission Training Camp but have not met all the requirements for 'No Cure No Pay' model.

The tuition fee amounts to €11.520,-.

The tuition fee is recovered in a maximum of 24 equal monthly instalments (no taxes apply). 

Historically, we've seen that 80% of the time, the graduate's (future) employer covers the tuition fee payments on their behalf.

If you would like to join the Full Stack Web Development Academy without the No-Cure No-Pay Job Guarantee, send us an email at so we can discuss the most suitable payment plan.

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