During the admissions process, you will have to complete two tests and an interview.

The first test is based solely on our Code Academy Preparation course. This course covers the basics in Javascript, HTML and CSS. 

There are 3 mandatory chapters; Javascript Bascis 1, Javascript Basics 2, and The Assignment. 

In Javascript Basics 1, you will learn

  • How to run a Javascript program using NodeJS
  • What statements are and how they consist of comments, values, keywords, expressions and operators
  • How to declare a variable and how to (re)assign it a value
  • Which data types exist in Javascript
  • How to create expressions using all sorts of operators on different data types
  • How to get user input in your NodeJS program

In Javascript Basics 2, you will learn 

  • How to use conditionals to influence the output of your program
  • How to use loops to repeat a statement multiple times
  • What scope is and how to make it work in your advantage
  • How to minimize code duplication by declaring and calling functions

In the Final Assignment, you will be asked to write some code.  We'll then ask you to upload a screenshot of your assignment in myCodaisseur.

Now head over to our online learning platform! 🚀  Using the same email and password that you use for your MyCodaisseur environment, log in (like below!) and start learning!

The second is a basic Aptitude test. Here you will be asked to solve general knowledge and elementary mathematical questions. 

During the Interview we will talk about your test results and your motivation. This is also the time to ask us any questions you still may have.

After you have completed our free online Javascript course, and you feel confident in what you have learnt, then you should have no problem acing the test :)

There are many other online resources available, but some of our favourites are;

Check out our other FAQ's on the subject

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