Hands-on Approach

When you join our program, you will immediately experience that the courses are very intensive. There is a lot to cover in just 10 weeks, and the only way to learn everything, is by doing. We are very aware of that. Hour long lectures are not part of this course. Instead, we mix short lectures with exercises.

A Life of Learning

Continuously challenging you to find things out on your own before we show you our solution forms you into a well equipped developer. Even after graduation, your life will be filled with learning, and that will never go away. Technology is always in flux, and the best gift we can present you with during this course is that of excellent learning skills.


The other gift is professionalism. Working as a developer on a team demands fine grained communication skills, and knowledge of the right tooling and processes. Our teachers come from a long history of managing development and product teams. The companies our graduates work for often benefit from the processes and collaboration skills you will learn, giving you that nice edge that makes you valuable to hire. But there's more!

Agile Workflow

  • Planning
  • Wireframing
  • Data Modeling
  • Testing
  • Code Reviews
  • Continuous Integration
  • Daily Standups

Cutting Edge Technologies

This is where you as a fresh developer in a new job at a new company will benefit most. We teach you the latest and greatest technologies most senior developers have not even worked with yet – or at least not as intensively as you. We aim for teaching you technologies, tools, and approaches that development teams around the world are looking to implement. They just lack experience there, or capacity. As a new developer on the team, you will bring in both.

Full Academy Program Overview

For a day-to-day subject breakdown of the Academy, check out our program page on Codaisseur.com

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