We love to host meetups, especially if they are career- or tech- related. Our common space can accommodate up to 120 participants, but any other group size is welcome as well to make use of the various spaces that we have available.

All our spaces are equipped with the usual presentation materials such as projectors, flatscreens, whiteboards etc.

Availability is good on weekends and especially on evenings. Throughout business hours (Monday - Friday 9 - 6pm) we need most if not all our facilities ourselves. Also, we cannot host large meetups side by side to our own events. For a schedule of our own events please have a look at codaisseur.eventbrite.com.

Beverages included, food excluded
Beverages are complimentary (e.g. coffee, tea, beer, wine, tap water). Should you require anything more substantial please bring your own, or get in touch with The District located in the same building: peter@thedistrict.amsterdam or 06 42714881.

Please reach out to support@codaisseur.com for more information and to check availability.

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