Before we welcome you into our Academy, there are some steps you need to take:

  • Scrimba Introduction to JavaScript videos to prepare for the interview
  • Interview (incl.2 shorts tests) in Amsterdam (or through Hangout)

Once you sign up and complete the entire registration process, we inform you via email about all the details.

The interview

The interview is aimed at getting to know each other better and answering any questions you might have.
We will also ask you to take 2 short tests:

  • The first test is based solely on the Scrimba Introduction to JavaScript videos. The videos cover the basics in Javascript. Your score on this test determines whether you are accepted, rejected, or whether you need to come back later for a second interview.
  • The second test is a basic Aptitude test. Here you will be asked to solve general knowledge and elementary mathematical questions. Your score on this test does influence your acceptance.

After the interview

Once you have been accepted, we will ask you to prepare for the first day of the Academy. We have developed our own Academy Preparation course you will get access to. Learn more about it here

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