All students that graduate the academy will start on a real world project in week 9 and 10. It's a great working experience. Students get to manage a project for a real client and it's the first distinctive project on a graduate's portfolio. 

Teams mostly consist of 3 to 4 developers, working closely with a real company and with a product owner that offers an exciting project to work on from start to finish. 

A senior designer and product manager will bring in the project, will prepare most of the project briefing together with the client; so that the developers can hit the ground running. 

This is what the schedule looks, and what is expected of the company. 

  • Kick off will be on a Monday
  • For the whole first week there will be a sprint and opportunity for a lot of feedback,
  • The second there will be another short sprint where everything is finished
  • On the Wednesday or Thursday of the second week there's a demo day; everyone involved is expected to attend. 

The project is free of direct costs, it's purely meant to experience a great finished project for a real client. There can be costs for hosting the student or offering specific tools or gifts. 

It's not the goal of the project, but in most cases a company is interested to hire one or more of the graduates. As a company this has an advantage, because you're already in talks with a graduate, and you could skip the assignment phase for hiring. 

If you want to know more about hiring a developer, find out more about the link

Want to know more about which projects were built, and how things work as a schedule, read on after the link.  


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