There are certain conditions that must be met for our Job Guarantee Model;

  • EU Citizen or full visa or permit to live and work in the Netherlands
  • Professional work experience or study experience
  • High level of English 
  • Aged between 18 and 36 years old

If you don't meet all of these requirements, don't worry! We have other models that are available to you! 

During our admissions process we test you for your ability to absorb new knowledge, we will look at your motivation and your hireability. If you meet all of our conditions, then we will offer you a place in our 11 week Job Guarantee (JG) Academy. 

 If you pass our Admissions process, but do not meet all of JG conditions, then we will discuss the possibility of offering you a place in our Academy, with a no cure - no pay model for the duration of the 11 week course. If you successfully graduate then you will receive 3 months of assistance from our Employment Advisors and Career Advisors. After the 3 month search period, you will start paying back your tuition fee in a maximum of 24 monthly installments.

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