The need for webdevelopers is extremely high. As such the UWV considers webdeveloper a "kansberoep" or "krapteberoep". Therefore, the UWV is often willing to sponsor training towards a career in web development. 

Codaisseur is an official training partner of the UWV. In practice this means that, subject to prior approval from your case manager, the UWV:

  1. may temporarily relieve you from your obligation to apply for jobs while you are in training with us; and
  2. may decide to contribute on your behalf to your Academy or Bootcamp training.

Coding Academy - 11 weeks - no cure, no pay job guarantee
The UWV regularly contributes towards the admission fee of our students. The amount depends on your individual situation and may even exceed the regular admission fee (Please note that Codaisseur has no bearing on this, as this is a matter between you and the UWV).

The UWV contribution goes towards the admission fee. The tuition fee, which only applies if you are employed after this course, is lowered by the amount contributed by the UWV minus the admission fee that would otherwise apply.

For example, should the UWV contribute an admission fee of €2500 on your behalf, the remaining tuition fee remaining amounts to €9.820 (based on a regular €800,- admission fee and €11.520,- tuition fee). The remaining tuition fee, which only applies if you successfully obtain employment, is normally covered by your future employer.

Javascript Bootcamp - 1 week - intensive introduction
The UWV regularly sponsors the full tuition fee of €2399 of the Javascript Bootcamp.

Javascript Advanced Bootcamp - 1 week - intensive advanced introduction
The UWV may sponsor, in exceptional cases, also the tuition fee of €2399 of the Javascript advanced Bootcamp.

It is important to note that a decision to sponsor you is entirely at the discretion of the UWV. In any event, it is important to obtain prior approval from your case manager.

The best way forward is to present your case manager with an offer (offerte) from us towards either the Academy or the Javascript Bootcamp. Please note that we can only provide you with an offer for participation in the Academy if and by the time you are successful in the application process. You can start the application process via our website.

You or your case manager may direct any inquiries directly to

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