We offer free guest parking to open evening attendees and visitors (e.g. interview candidates). The guest parking is located between the Tripolis buildings and is accessible through a gate. Point your nav system to Burgerweeshuispad 201, Amsterdam. Please give us a call once you have arrived and we will open the gate for you: +31202615197.

Should you plan to arrive by car while attending your Academy, Boot Camp or TasteOfCode/Design, we highly recommend that you park in the Tripolis parking conveniently located underneath our offices (€12,50 per day). You can access the garage using Parkbee. Parkbee requires that you setup the Parkmobile or Park-line app on your phone and open an account.

As soon as you have arrived in the garage you will see signs that point you to the Parkbee spots, which are right next to the exit into Tripolis Building 200. Please use the doorbell marked "ScaleUpDistrict" there. When unavailable you can leave the garage through the public exit, and enter the building through the front entrance.

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