Not in the traditional sense. Whilst group work and collaboration are fundamental aspects of the program, you are evaluated throughout the Academy by way of individual assignments. These individual assignments help us to assess how well you are grasping the material based on the objects we've outlined.

Throughout the duration of the Academy Program, you will be evaluated no less than two (2) times.

An interim evaluation will be conducted within the first half of the Academy program. If your level and/or development in the opinion of the teacher is insufficient or seriously lagging compared to the rest of the class, you will be informed with further discussion regarding points to improve on. Should a subsequent evaluation determine no or unsatisfactory improvement, this may be grounds for removal from the Academy Program but not before the first seven (7) days of training.

In week seven (7) there will be a final evaluation to assess your overall result in the Academy Program. Results from the evaluation will determine if you will graduate from the program.

Any time after the interim evaluation and before the final evaluation, we may run spot evaluations if we have concerns about your progress.

What happens if I am released or do not pass the Academy Program?

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