This article refers to our in-person Academy. There are 2 separate fees in the Codaisseur Academy model. Make sure you understand the difference before applying!

Admission fee

Applying to Codaisseur is free, but you'll have to pass an interview first. This will involve a simple aptitude test, an English proficiency test, and a basic JavaScript test.

After you've been accepted, you'll pay €800 to reserve your spot in the Academy.

Tuition fee

If you join us under 'No Cure No Pay' model, you'll have a 5-month job search period. You will choose where you want - and don’t want - to work. If you are not hired within 5 months, or if you don't graduate, then we will waive the cost of your tuition fee. No cure - No Pay!

The tuition fee amounts to €11.520,-.

The tuition fee is recovered in a maximum of 24 equal monthly instalments (no taxes apply). 

Historically, we've seen that 85% of the time, the graduate's (future) employer covers the tuition fee payments on their behalf.

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