International students are welcome to apply to the Codaisseur Academy

Please note that as an international student from outside the EU, you are yourself responsible for your residence permit (including work permit). Given the housing and VISA challenges it becomes incrementally harder for intercontinental applicants (e.g. from South America, Asia or Africa) to participate in the Codaisseur Academy. 

Many of our international students have a residence permit based on:

  • a relationship with a spouse or (registered) partner ("partner visum"); or
  • their recent graduation from a higher educational institution in the Netherlands ("zoekjaar").

Please note that, should you not have a residence permit by the time you graduate, you are responsible for the (remaining) tuition fee yourself.

We advise against trying to obtain a highly skilled migrant permit outside of the "zoekjaar". As a junior developer newly graduated from our Academy you are unlikely to meet the salary requirements imposed by the Dutch government.

Future minimum salary requirements for highly skilled migrants:

  • pursuant to zoekjaar - € 2.314 bruto/month
  • younger than 30 - € 3.229 bruto/month
  • older than 30 - € 4.404 bruto/month

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