The JavaScript assignment consists of our free online course on Javascript. You should complete the mandatory chapters to fully prepare for the admissions test. During the enrolment process we will ask you to complete this track, preferably within two (2) days, and send us back a screenshot showing completion. Once this is completed you can proceed with booking your interview.

Why do I have to complete this JavaScript assignment?

We ask you to complete this assignment for two reasons: 

  • Intensity - you may not necessarily find the assignment overly challenging but there is a lot of content to cover. Completing everything within two days should give you a general idea of how intense the Academy will be, as well as get you familiar with sitting in front of your computer for longer periods of time...if you don't do so already.
  • Motivation - the assignment should be used as a gauge to help you determine if this is something you really want to do. If you are really serious about pursuing a career in programming then you shouldn't have a problem completing it, regardless of the effort you need to put fourth in order to finish.

What if I can't or don't finish the assignment within two days?

Well first off, we recommend that you only start the assignment when you know you have the time for it, you are not required to start as soon as you get to this section in the enrolment process.

Having said that, we can see when you start the assignment but don't know exactly when you complete it. If it takes you a bit longer to finish you won't forfeit the enrolment process. The two days is a recommended timeframe which we ask you to take into consideration before starting, and something to aim for once you have started. At the end of the day, you need to police yourself.

Please check out our other FAQs regarding the Admissions process 

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